ATTENTION BREEDERS: Don’t miss your opportunity to earn breeders awards for 1st – 3rd place in open races anywhere in North America!*

To register a 2024 foal as a Virginia-bred:

Foals must be dropped in Virginia and the foal’s dam must reside in Virginia from September 1st, 2023, until foaling in the following year. Mares purchased at public sale after September 1st may enter the program if they arrive at a Virginia Facility within 15 days of the purchase date (60 days if purchased outside of the U.S.)

If you have not registered your mare facility, please do so by completing a Virginia Facility Registration form by selecting the link below and downloading.

Resident Mare reports are due to the VTA by October 1, 2023. Complete a Virginia Mare Residency Report form by selecting the link below and downloading. Note that an online application system will be available by mid-September.

*Upon approval by the Virginia Racing Commission

Click here to access all VTA forms.