Virginia Stallion Program

A Virginia Thoroughbred Sire is a Thoroughbred stallion registered with the Virginia Thoroughbred Association, that covers mares, other than test mares, only in Virginia during the breeding season or only during that part of the breeding season after entering Virginia.


Annual registration makes a Virginia Stallion’s OWNER eligible to receive Stallion Awards based on the performance of the resulting foal crop from the breeding season in which the stallion is registered. (For example: Virginia Stallions registered in 2021 are eligible for awards based on the performance of their 2022 foal crop.) Stallion registrations are due by December 31st of the year the stallion covered mares in Virginia. Stallion Award monies are provided by the Breeders Fund, which is governed by Code of Virginia § 59.1-372


Annual Registration

(Applications are due by December 31st of the current breeding season)

VTA Member Fee


Non-Member Fee


IMPORTANT: Stallions MUST register ANNUALLY with the Virginia Breeders Fund.

To register a Virginia Stallion online, please click below

To register by mail, please submit the following materials to the VTA by the registration deadline (see above):

  • A completed and signed Virginia Stallion application form for each stallion to be registered
  • A current W-9
  • A check payable to the Virginia Breeders Fund in full payment for the registration fee in accordance with the current fee schedule (see above)

Send all materials to the VTA office:

 Virginia Thoroughbred Association
250 West Main Street, Suite 100
Charlottesville, VA 22902

DISCLAIMER:  Nothing contained herein creates a contractual obligation for payment of any award or bonus by the VTA or any other entity.  The VTA’s receipt of sufficient funding for the bonus or award is a condition precedent to any obligation it may have to pay any award or bonus.  The VTA reserves the right at any time, with or without notice, and in its sole discretion to (i) change the amount of the bonus or award or (ii) cease paying bonuses or awards.