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  TrackRaceDistance PurseRace Condition

A Great AffairCNL 3rd5 1/2 Furlongs $35,000MCL 3U
3C VATrainer: Godsey Karen Dennehy Jockey: Karamanos Horacio
 BMSire: Black Tie Affair (IRE) Owner: Alice C. Overton
 Sire: Great Notion Dam: Autumn Affair

Aunt MaggieCNL 8th5 1/2 Furlongs $25,000CLM 3UF&M
5M VATrainer: Williams, Jr. Gary L. Jockey: Araujo Denis
 BMSire: Opening Verse Owner: Gary L. Williams, Jr.
 Sire: Fiber Sonde Dam: Run Me Down

Cup MatchCNL 3rd5 1/2 Furlongs $35,000MCL 3U
3G VATrainer: Allen, III A. Ferris Jockey: Gomez Kevin
 BMSire: Artie Schiller Owner: Burning Daylight Farms, Inc.
 Sire: Tourist Dam: Artie's Party

FashionableCNL 9th1 Mile $28,000MCL 3U
3G VATrainer: Godsey Karen Dennehy Jockey: Gomez Kevin
 BMSire: Mutakddim Owner: Javier Contreras
 Sire: Mosler Dam: All for Fashion

GuillaumeCNL 7th1 Mile $60,000AOC 3U
3G VATrainer: Stidham Michael Jockey: Hernandez Colby J.
 BMSire: Pulpit Owner: DARRS, Inc.
 Sire: Hard Spun Dam: Paradise Bound

Harry HotspurCNL 9th1 Mile $28,000MCL 3U
3G VATrainer: Cooney Susan S. Jockey: Gutierrez Reylu
 BMSire: Grand Slam Owner: Mary Slade
 Sire: Baltimore Bob Dam: Grand Lee

Hickory MadeCNL 4th1 Mile $25,000MCL 3UF&M
5M VATrainer: Smith Lawrence M. Jockey: Karamanos Horacio
 BMSire: Closing Argument Owner: Hickory Made Stables
 Sire: El Padrino Dam: Legal Affect

ImaginethejoyCNL 9th1 Mile $28,000MCL 3U
4G VATrainer: Morgan Carla L. Jockey: Vail James S.
 BMSire: Kitten's Joy Owner: Lady Olivia at Northcliff, LLC
 Sire: Imagining Dam: Collar the Kitten

JacklightingCNL 5th6 Furlongs $25,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Clement, III Roland P. Jockey: Gomez Kevin
 BMSire: Prospect Bay Owner: Roland P. Clement, III
 Sire: Brother Derek Dam: Practical Ideas

My Girl BlueCNL 4th1 Mile $25,000MCL 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Morgan Carla L. Jockey: Vail James S.
 BMSire: Into Mischief Owner: Lady Olivia at Northcliff, LLC
 Sire: Big Blue Kitten Dam: End of Trouble

Our Sweet PeaCNL 6th5 1/2 Furlongs $50,000MSW 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Godsey Karen Dennehy Jockey: Acosta J. D.
 BMSire: Friends Lake Owner: Christine Berkeley Applegate
 Sire: Micromanage Dam: Larue Lovelake

WatchthebourbonCNL 1st1 Mile $18,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Morgan Carla L. Jockey: Vail James S.
 BMSire: Outflanker Owner: Lady Olivia at Northcliff, LLC
 Sire: Bourbon Courage Dam: Uncanny Nikol

Western MoviesCNL 8th5 1/2 Furlongs $25,000CLM 3UF&M
5M VATrainer: Twisdale E. G. Pete Jockey: Perez Xavier
 BMSire: Closing Argument Owner: Sam E. English, II
 Sire: Street Magician Dam: It's Closing Time

WildcatCNL 4th1 Mile $25,000MCL 3UF&M
5M VATrainer: Fout Paul Douglas Jockey: Rosado Johan
 BMSire: Dynaformer Owner: Beverly R. Steinman
 Sire: Stormy Atlantic Dam: Dynaverse

Zip Line to HeavenCNL 3rd5 1/2 Furlongs $35,000MCL 3U
4G VATrainer: Trombetta Michael J. Jockey: Kimura Kazushi
 BMSire: Holy Bull Owner: R. Larry Johnson
 Sire: City Zip Dam: Heaven Knows What

Awesome TapDEL 4th5 1/2 Furlongs $38,000MSW 02F
2F VATrainer: Picon, Jr. Juan Jockey: Tunon Jordano
 BMSire: Awesome Again Owner: Jak Racing LLC.
 Sire: Tapiture Dam: Awesome Lassie

My Candy BizDEL 5th1 Mile 70 Yards $21,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Morris Kenton Charles Jockey: Trejos Joseph
 BMSire: Candy Ride (ARG) Owner: Medaki Racing Stable
 Sire: Fed Biz Dam: Be My Candy

Q TripDEL 8th5 1/2 Furlongs $22,000WMC 02F
2F VATrainer: Mosco Robert Jockey: Rosado Roberto J.
 BMSire: Sharp Humor Owner: Richard Ciavardone
 Sire: Editorial Dam: She Craves Capital

GanondaganFL 5th5 1/2 Furlongs $25,800ALW 3U
4G VATrainer: Sells Rachel Jockey: Sone Joel
 BMSire: Circular Quay Owner: Chauncey D. Cole III
 Sire: Teuflesberg Dam: Getthemoneyhoney

Miss PabFL 1st5 Furlongs $32,100MSW 02F
2F VATrainer: Englehart Jeremiah C. Jockey: Navarro Kevin
 BMSire: Malibu Moon Owner: Matthew Nester and Joseph E. Coffey
 Sire: Exaggerator Dam: Escape to Malibu

Perfect SymphonyFL 8th6 Furlongs $12,600MCL 3U
3G VATrainer: Grabowski John A. Jockey: Davila, Jr. Michael A.
 BMSire: Wheelaway Owner: TSP Enterprises
 Sire: Forty Tales Dam: I Do That

SimbasalltroubleFL 2nd6 Furlongs $12,600CLM 3U
5G VATrainer: Rohena Rafael Jose Jockey: Cruz Joel
 BMSire: Powerscourt (GB) Owner: Bernardo Mongil, III
 Sire: Frost Giant Dam: Court of Dreams

Just PlungePID 8th1 Mile 70 Yards $15,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Miller, Jr. Henry D. Jockey: Allen, Jr. Ronald Dale
 BMSire: Devil His Due Owner: Twin Hurricane Racing, LLC
 Sire: Girolamo Dam: One Charming Devil

BavariaPRX 2nd1 Mile 70 Yards $21,000CLM 3U
3C VATrainer: Kirby John T. Jockey: Rosado Roberto J.
 BMSire: Maria's Mon Owner: Gregg O'Donnell
 Sire: Bodemeister Dam: Sulis

I Saw It AllPRX 3rd7 Furlongs $20,000CLM 3U
5H VATrainer: McCaslin John S. Jockey: Bowman Adam
 BMSire: Indygo Shiner Owner: Forgotten Man Racing, Inc.
 Sire: The Lumber Guy Dam: I Ain't Shy

La AltenitaPRX 4th6 Furlongs $19,000MCL 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Martin Ramon F. Jockey: Laprida Jeremy
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: Jamie Franco Martin
 Sire: Make Reservations Dam: Prosperity Avenue

MaryevilPRX 4th6 Furlongs $19,000MCL 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Diaz Jorge Jockey: Ocasio Luis M.
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: In The Money Racing
 Sire: Wicked Strong Dam: Chandelle No. Five

Pennsylvania SteelPRX 9th5 Furlongs $28,000STR 3U
5G VATrainer: Penaloza Miguel Jockey: Hernandez Carlos J.
 BMSire: Not For Love Owner: Nauticat Racing
 Sire: Jump Start Dam: Spiteful Love

Spirit WolfPRX 2nd1 Mile 70 Yards $21,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Brown, Jr. Howard R. Jockey: Gonzalez Silvestre
 BMSire: Curlin Owner: Star Catcher Farm, LLC & Howard R. Brown, Jr.
 Sire: Storm Wolf Dam: Like a Treasure

Theduke of HazzardPRX 3rd7 Furlongs $20,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Pino Michael V. Jockey: Hernandez Luis O.
 BMSire: Cosa Vera Owner: SAB NC Stable
 Sire: Bourbon Courage Dam: Savannah Mist

TivanoPRX 6th1 Mile $26,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Penaloza Miguel Jockey: Vargas, Jr. Jorge A.
 BMSire: Malibu Moon Owner: Nauticat Racing
 Sire: Race Day Dam: Selective Memory

Fair LassieSAR 4th1 1/8 Miles $90,000ALW 3UF&M StBrD
5M VATrainer: Levine Bruce N. Jockey: Gaffalione Tyler
 BMSire: Western Expression Owner: Our Blue Streaks Stable
 Sire: Dublin Dam: Fair Weather Lady

Fancy FelineSAR 6th6 Furlongs $85,000MSW 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Bond H. James Jockey: Saez Luis
 BMSire: Kitten's Joy Owner: Windhorse Thoroughbreds LLC
 Sire: Flat Out Dam: Follow the Kitten

I'm Perfect TooSAR 6th6 Furlongs $85,000MSW 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Albertrani Thomas Jockey: Alvarado Junior
 BMSire: Pleasantly Perfect Owner: Granny Reeves Stable LLC
 Sire: Teuflesberg Dam: Just too Perfect

Sweet Franny LuSAR 10th1 1/16 Miles $60,000STR 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Morley Thomas Jockey: Castellano Javier
 BMSire: Forest Danger Owner: Newman Racing
 Sire: Dominus Dam: Sweet Saranna

Towering OrbitSAR 6th6 Furlongs $85,000MSW 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Baker Charlton Jockey: Rosario Joel
 BMSire: Giant's Causeway Owner: Fried, Jr., Albert
 Sire: Orb Dam: Towering Escape

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