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Note: Horses displayed are foaled in VA but are not necessarily registered VA-certified.


  TrackRaceDistance PurseRace Condition

Photo FinishAQU 9th6 Furlongs $70,000MSW 02F StBrD
2F VATrainer: Cruz Jesus Jockey: Rivera, Jr. Luis R.
 BMSire: Elusive Quality Owner: Wasabi Ventures Stables, Vandelay Stables and Tomahawk Racing
 Sire: Demarchelier (GB) Dam: Super Mama

Wild BankerAQU 4th1 1/8 Miles $39,000CLM 3U
6G VATrainer: Noda Orlando Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad
 BMSire: Siphon (BRZ) Owner: PlayingTheField Racing, Final Turn Racing Stable, LLC and Acqua Nova Stable
 Sire: Central Banker Dam: Phaleonopsis

RunlikecarlDED 8th7 Furlongs $36,000ALW 02
2C VATrainer: Richard Chris Jockey: Del-Cid Vicente
 BMSire: Parading Owner: James McIngvale
 Sire: Runhappy Dam: Chorus Line

Arden'sluckytobeLRL 6th6 Furlongs $48,000ALW 3U
4G VATrainer: McClure Diana L. Jockey: Lyapustina Tais
 BMSire: Rock Slide Owner: Holly House Farm
 Sire: Madefromlucky Dam: Summer Wind Haley

By Its AbsenceLRL 9th7 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Serey, Jr. Mario Jockey: Hernandez Jorge F.
 BMSire: Ghostzapper Owner: Robert Reidy
 Sire: Speightster Dam: Conspicuous

Despite OddsLRL 9th7 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
6G VATrainer: Brion Keri Jockey: Carrasco Victor R.
 BMSire: Mr. Greeley Owner: FJ Lyles Racing Stable, Inc.
 Sire: Despite the Odds Dam: Passionate Gold

DuckpinsLRL 1st6 Furlongs $27,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Bailes W. Robert Jockey: Chavez Andres
 BMSire: Talent Search Owner: The Estate of Marshall E Dowell
 Sire: Uncle Lino Dam: Sharpasabowlnball

Ellie VictorinaLRL 5th5 1/2 Furlongs $24,000CLM 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Serey, Jr. Mario Jockey: Hernandez Jorge F.
 BMSire: Delaware Township Owner: Baxter Racing Stable
 Sire: Army Mule Dam: Victorina

FreestandingLRL 4th7 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Sillaman Richard P. Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: Majesticperfection Owner: Herman M. Braude
 Sire: American Freedom Dam: Stand by for News

GoodtimetobeirishLRL 6th6 Furlongs $48,000ALW 3U
3G VATrainer: Schoenthal Phil Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: Scat Daddy Owner: Charles J. Reed & Kingdom Bloodstock, Inc.
 Sire: Irish War Cry Dam: In My Time

I'm Gittin ThereLRL 8th6 Furlongs $62,000AOC 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Smith Hamilton A. Jockey: Barbosa Jeiron
 BMSire: Wildcat Heir Owner: Hamilton A. Smith
 Sire: Golden Lad Dam: Perfect Measure

Irish WarlockLRL 4th7 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: McKenzie Daniel J. Jockey: Hernandez Jorge F.
 BMSire: Speightstown Owner: Arnoldo Beltran-Armenta
 Sire: Irish War Cry Dam: Abracadabra

My MambaLRL 4th7 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Lawrence, II James L. Jockey: Rojas Martina
 BMSire: Belong to Me Owner: Lawrence Stable, Inc.
 Sire: Kobe's Back Dam: My Marigold

PeachessweetnotionLRL 3rd5 1/2 Furlongs $36,000MCL 35F&M
3F VATrainer: Perri Gina Jockey: Crispin Alexander
 BMSire: Express Tour Owner: Pinochle Partners LLC
 Sire: Great Notion Dam: Peaches My Dear

PoggibonsiLRL 8th6 Furlongs $62,000AOC 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Magee Kieron Jockey: Barbosa Jeiron
 BMSire: Kafwain Owner: Robert D. Bone & Edward J. Brown Jr.
 Sire: Holy Boss Dam: Desert Quail

Pride of PaytonLRL 4th7 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Keefe Timothy L. Jockey: Alvelo Jean C.
 BMSire: Posse Owner: Rolling Meadows Farm
 Sire: Blofeld Dam: Role of a Lifetime

Quit QuayLRL 3rd5 1/2 Furlongs $36,000MCL 35F&M
3F VATrainer: Ambrogi Leo J. Jockey: Chavez Andres
 BMSire: Circular Quay Owner: Sun Burst Stable
 Sire: Golden Lad Dam: Briar Mojo

Royal SeamstressLRL 3rd5 1/2 Furlongs $36,000MCL 35F&M
3F VATrainer: Gonzalez Claudio A. Jockey: Lopez Carlos Eduardo
 BMSire: Successful Appeal Owner: BB Horses
 Sire: Irish War Cry Dam: Sweet On Smokey

She's All MoneyLRL 3rd5 1/2 Furlongs $36,000MCL 35F&M
3F VATrainer: Magee Kieron Jockey: Karamanos Horacio
 BMSire: Trajectory Owner: Sheffield Stable LLC
 Sire: Goldencents Dam: Line of Best Fit

SuperstitieuxLRL 4th7 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Serey, Jr. Mario Jockey: Ortiz Yomar Orlando
 BMSire: Langfuhr Owner: Robert Reidy
 Sire: Upstart Dam: Queen Mercury

Uncaptured StormLRL 7th1 1/8 Miles $58,000AOC 3U
3G VATrainer: Farrior Anthony Jockey:
 BMSire: Stormy Atlantic Owner: Richard Burnsworth
 Sire: Uncaptured Dam: Spirited Storm

American DreamerPEN 6th6 Furlongs $10,800CLM 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Patterson Kevin S. Jockey: Villegas Jerry
 BMSire: Bob and John Owner: SRF Racing Stable LLC
 Sire: American Freedom Dam: Ebony Oro

Bo RunklePEN 6th6 Furlongs $10,800CLM 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Moreno Tito Jockey: Rodriguez Angel R.
 BMSire: It's a Bird Owner: Las Mercedes Stable
 Sire: Well Spelled Dam: Nancy Pants

BowtothequeenPEN 4th6 Furlongs $28,000ALW 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Stites Flint W. Jockey: Hernandez Julio A.
 BMSire: Indygo Shiner Owner: North and South Stable
 Sire: Red Vine Dam: To Believe

Chasing ArtemisPEN 2nd6 Furlongs $10,800CLM 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Sarson Alisa Brooke Jockey: Diaz Vladimir
 BMSire: Thunder Gulch Owner: Daniel Heim
 Sire: Daredevil Dam: Thunderous Lady

ElevenmonthslaterPEN 5th6 Furlongs $14,400CLM 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Graci Kimberly A Jockey: Hernandez Julio A.
 BMSire: Weekend Cruise Owner: Randolph J. Guill
 Sire: Hoppertunity Dam: Cruisenforlove

Hot Fudge WarriorPEN 4th6 Furlongs $28,000ALW 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Beattie Todd M. Jockey: Chiappe Ricardo
 BMSire: Jump Start Owner: Two Ten Twelve Triple T Racing
 Sire: Warrior's Reward Dam: Au Fudge

Trechmo GirlPEN 2nd6 Furlongs $10,800CLM 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Kravets Bruce M. Jockey: Salgado Anthony
 BMSire: Brahms Owner: Richard Trechak
 Sire: Hoppertunity Dam: Lydias Lullaby

Uncle YudiPEN 3rd1 Mile $18,100CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: McClellan Erin C. Jockey: Salgado Anthony
 BMSire: Brahms Owner: Double Bogey Racing
 Sire: Jump Start Dam: Lydias Lullaby

DriftwoodTP 7th1 1/16 Miles $29,000CLM 3U
6G VATrainer: Kordenbrock Matt Jockey: Lagunes Gabriel
 BMSire: Tapit Owner: Robert O'Hara, Jr. and Gwyneth Gower
 Sire: Courageous Cat Dam: Tapitbythesea

TakeitandrunTP 6th1 Mile $74,000AOC 02
2C VATrainer: O'Donnell Marcus Jockey: Saez Gabriel
 BMSire: Pioneerof the Nile Owner: James McIngvale
 Sire: Runhappy Dam: Takeitback

WorkislifeTP 5th1 Mile $70,000MSW 02
2C VATrainer: O'Donnell Marcus Jockey: Saez Gabriel
 BMSire: Bernardini Owner: James McIngvale
 Sire: Speightster Dam: Nodoubtabouther

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