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  TrackRaceDistance PurseRace Condition

Big BobbyBEL 7th6 1/2 Furlongs $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
3G VATrainer: Mott William I. Jockey: Alvarado Junior
 BMSire: Distorted Humor Owner: Dream Maker Racing
 Sire: Shanghai Bobby Dam: Averymerrymoment

Bohemian RubyBEL 9th1 Mile $75,000MSW 3U StBrD
3G VATrainer: Tagg Barclay Jockey: Davis Dylan
 BMSire: Friendly Lover Owner: Pinnacle Farms Racing LLC
 Sire: Hold Me Back Dam: Jade Eyed

False HopeBEL 4th1 Mile $75,000MSW 02F StBrD
2F VATrainer: Schettino Domenick L. Jockey: Samuel Jalon L.
 BMSire: Abaginone Owner: FEA Stable, Schettino, Domenick L. and Como, Salvatore
 Sire: Normandy Invasion Dam: Givonna S

Favorite ImpulseBEL 2nd1 1/16 Miles $45,000MCL 3UF&M StBrD
4F VATrainer: Grossman Bruce R. Jockey: Hernandez Moreno Omar
 BMSire: Singspiel (IRE) Owner: Four Tags Stable and Grossman, Bruce R.
 Sire: Langfuhr Dam: Capricious Miss (GB)

Orb in the TowerBEL 6th1 1/16 Miles $55,000STR 3U
4G VATrainer: Pletcher Todd A. Jockey: Rider TBA
 BMSire: Giant's Causeway Owner: Fried, Jr., Albert
 Sire: Orb Dam: Towering Escape

Purple HeartedBEL 6th1 1/16 Miles $55,000STR 3U
3G VATrainer: Englehart Chris J. Jockey: Cancel Eric
 BMSire: Graeme Hall Owner: Epona Racing Stable
 Sire: Normandy Invasion Dam: Mamie Reilly

QuidBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $92,000ALW 3U
4G VATrainer: Ryan Derek S. Jockey: Lezcano Jose
 BMSire: Waquoit Owner: Bonnie Rye Stable
 Sire: English Channel Dam: Gold Mitten

Raymond RoadBEL 4th1 Mile $75,000MSW 02F StBrD
2F VATrainer: Englehart Jeremiah C. Jockey: Davis Dylan
 BMSire: Lion Hearted Owner: Emcee Stable LLC and Gold Star Racing Stable
 Sire: Flatter Dam: Lion's Terms

SalukiBEL 2nd1 1/16 Miles $45,000MCL 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Schettino Domenick L. Jockey: Davis Dylan
 BMSire: Airdrie Apache Owner: Durrschmidt, Jan
 Sire: War Dancer Dam: Colorfull Seattle

Zap ManBEL 9th1 Mile $75,000MSW 3U StBrD
3G VATrainer: Jerkens James A. Jockey: Vargas, Jr. Jorge A.
 BMSire: Unbridled Jet Owner: Whitbred, Howard, T.
 Sire: Ghostzapper Dam: Go Unbridled

Amber Rose AdamCT 6th6 1/2 Furlongs $17,600CLM 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Jenkins Patrick E. Jockey: Lopez Antonio
 BMSire: Sweetsouthernsaint Owner: Patrick E. Jenkins and Crystal C. Wever
 Sire: Prospective Dam: Filady

Black ShadowCT 5th4 1/2 Furlongs $18,700MCL 36 StBrD
3G VATrainer: Viands Stacey R. Jockey: Marrero Carlos
 BMSire: Desert Warrior Owner: Melinda B. Golden
 Sire: Upstart Dam: Sinclair

CompromisoCT 8th6 1/2 Furlongs $8,800CLM 3U
5G VATrainer: Jones, Jr. William Yates Jockey: Maldonado Ramon
 BMSire: Smart Strike Owner: Robert Padgette
 Sire: To Honor and Serve Dam: She's Striking

DyladdieCT 1st4 1/2 Furlongs $17,600CLM 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Contreras Javier Jockey: Lopez Antonio
 BMSire: Fusaichi Pegasus Owner: S.E.A. Industries LLC (Joanne P. Krishack, et. al.)
 Sire: Fiber Sonde Dam: Always Pettit

Flash LighteningCT 3rd4 1/2 Furlongs $12,100CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Brown Ronney W. Jockey: Hiraldo Christian
 BMSire: Dance With Ravens Owner: Gokmen Kaya
 Sire: Animal Kingdom Dam: Bens Kin

Handsome JoanieCT 1st4 1/2 Furlongs $17,600CLM 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Viands Stacey R. Jockey: Marrero Carlos
 BMSire: Royal Academy Owner: Anthony Dimino
 Sire: Hunt Crossing Dam: Head Start Joanie

Il Mio RegaloCT 5th4 1/2 Furlongs $18,700MCL 36 StBrD
4G VATrainer: Allen Jeffrey S. Jockey: Hiraldo Christian
 BMSire: Speightstown Owner: Robin Grams
 Sire: Limehouse Dam: Spicetown

JaxjaxxorjacksCT 5th4 1/2 Furlongs $18,700MCL 36 StBrD
3C VATrainer: Velez Irving Jockey: Bocachica Arnaldo
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: Robert L. Cole, Jr.
 Sire: The Factor Dam: R C's Daisyduke

Juba's FancyCT 5th4 1/2 Furlongs $18,700MCL 36 StBrD
3G VATrainer: Casey John A. Jockey: Rios-Conde Alexis
 BMSire: Smoke Glacken Owner: John A. Casey
 Sire: Juba Dam: Fancy Up

Lady SparrowCT 1st4 1/2 Furlongs $17,600CLM 3UF&M StBrD
4F VATrainer: Myers Larry M. Jockey: Rocha Wladimir
 BMSire: Snow Ridge Owner: One Sparrow Farm LLC (Linda Conn)
 Sire: The Lady's Groom Dam: Snow Rite

Quite SuggestiveCT 4th4 1/2 Furlongs $14,300CLM 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Shanley Timothy Jockey: Trotman Keimar
 BMSire: Orientate Owner: Emily Cogle-Howell
 Sire: Golden Lad Dam: Bea's Legacy

Lady TizmoDEL 4th6 Furlongs $11,000CLM 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Lopez Mario Roberto Jockey: Sanchez Luis Alberto
 BMSire: Uncle Mo Owner: Robert Taylor
 Sire: Bullsbay Dam: Edgy Girl

LaredoDEL 8th6 Furlongs $19,000MCL 3U
4G VATrainer: Einhorn Skip Jockey: Rodriguez Jaime
 BMSire: Broken Vow Owner: Law Legacy Stables LLC
 Sire: March to Victory Dam: Requested Vow

My Candy BizDEL 1st6 Furlongs $19,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Morris Kenton Charles Jockey: Betancourt Jose R.
 BMSire: Candy Ride (ARG) Owner: Medaki Racing Stable
 Sire: Fed Biz Dam: Be My Candy

Promise of JoyDEL 4th6 Furlongs $11,000CLM 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Iannotti, IV Thomas Jockey: Centeno Daniel
 BMSire: Tiznow Owner: Sterbenz Racing LLC
 Sire: Daredevil Dam: Go Go Tammy

Remember HymnDEL 1st6 Furlongs $19,000CLM 3U
3C VATrainer: Brinkman Brett A. Jockey: Cedeno Carol
 BMSire: Songandaprayer Owner: Sugarland Thoroughbreds LLC
 Sire: Goldencents Dam: K C's Songofprayer

Rush Hour TrafficDEL 5th1 Mile 70 Yards $40,000AOC 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Brinkman Brett A. Jockey: Cedeno Carol
 BMSire: Lucky Lionel Owner: Sugarland Thoroughbreds LLC
 Sire: Cross Traffic Dam: Dana's Lucky Lady

Special BeamDEL 7th6 Furlongs $40,000AOC 02F
2F VATrainer: Pecoraro Anthony Jockey: Lopez Paco
 BMSire: Include Owner: A. Delaperriere Stables, LLC
 Sire: Divining Rod Dam: Sunshine Included

TivanoDEL 2nd1 Mile 70 Yards $12,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Alcala Cesar Jockey: Torres Jomar
 BMSire: Malibu Moon Owner: Nauticat Racing
 Sire: Race Day Dam: Selective Memory

Award NominatedLRL 1st1 1/16 Miles $39,000WMC 35
3C VATrainer: O'Dwyer Jeremiah Jockey: Rosado Johan
 BMSire: Cherokee's Boy Owner: A.R.D. Racing Stables
 Sire: Buffum Dam: Touring Hong Kong

Badger ToothLRL 1st1 1/16 Miles $39,000WMC 35
3G VATrainer: Bailes W. Robert Jockey: Toledo Jevian
 BMSire: E Dubai Owner: Robert E. Hafer
 Sire: Imagining Dam: E Dubai's Humor

Ballyhoo PrinceLRL 1st1 1/16 Miles $39,000WMC 35
5G VATrainer: Nuesch Patrick F. Jockey: Acosta J. D.
 BMSire: Forestry Owner: Lisa Beige
 Sire: Handsome Mike Dam: Queen Amira (GB)

I'm a Lil BossyLRL 4th5 1/2 Furlongs $25,000MCL 02F
2F VATrainer: Cox Kenneth M. Jockey: Pimentel Julian
 BMSire: Great Notion Owner: Bonuccelli Racing, Mark Gilkey & Phantom Star Stable
 Sire: Holy Boss Dam: Little Inkling

Indian NicholsLRL 9th1 1/16 Miles $33,000SOC 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Rubley Kelly Jockey: Suarez Angel
 BMSire: Out of Place Owner: Hall Stables, LLC
 Sire: Liaison Dam: Missing Treasure

Just Pick OneLRL 6th7 Furlongs $17,000CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Allen, III A. Ferris Jockey: Karamanos Horacio
 BMSire: Broken Vow Owner: JAH Racing, LLC
 Sire: Overanalyze Dam: Savanadana

Lightning RodLRL 5th1 Mile $32,000SOC 3U
3G VATrainer: Cibelli Jane Jockey: Sanchez Mychel J.
 BMSire: Pulpit Owner: Clarke Ohrstrom
 Sire: Bellamy Road Dam: Katara

Lunar NotionLRL 4th5 1/2 Furlongs $25,000MCL 02F
2F VATrainer: Cooney Susan S. Jockey: Butterfly Bryson L.
 BMSire: Lo Bucker Owner: Quest Realty
 Sire: Great Notion Dam: Moon Stepper

Proper AttireLRL 7th5 1/2 Furlongs $52,000AOC 3UF&M
3F VATrainer: Salzman, Jr. John E. Jockey: Marquez Charlie
 BMSire: Two Punch Owner: Bird Mobberley LLC
 Sire: Imagining Dam: Inspired Say Eye

RipkenLRL 1st1 1/16 Miles $39,000WMC 35
4G VATrainer: Banford Sharon Jockey: Lopez Carlos Eduardo
 BMSire: Rock Hard Ten Owner: Sal Sinatra
 Sire: Friesan Fire Dam: Rockhard N Noble

TyreekLRL 6th7 Furlongs $17,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Dilodovico Damon R. Jockey: Lyapustina Tais
 BMSire: Grand Slam Owner: David B. Bloom
 Sire: Seville (GER) Dam: Perfect Slam

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