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  TrackRaceDistance PurseRace Condition

Fluorescent BayAQU 5th6 1/2 Furlongs $70,000MSW 3U StBrD
4G VATrainer: Davis Robbie G. Jockey: Davis Katie
 BMSire: Wild Again Owner: Davis, Edmund D., King, Donald F. and Davis, Marguerite
 Sire: Creative Cause Dam: Shadowy Waters

Forty One TalesAQU 5th6 1/2 Furlongs $70,000MSW 3U StBrD
3C VATrainer: Serpe Philip M. Jockey: Gomez Jose Antonio
 BMSire: Wheelaway Owner: TSP Enterprises
 Sire: Forty Tales Dam: I Do That

Z DancerAQU 5th6 1/2 Furlongs $70,000MSW 3U StBrD
3C VATrainer: Romero Rafael Jockey: Davis Jacqueline A.
 BMSire: Stevie Wonderboy Owner: Shaw, Devon, R.
 Sire: War Dancer Dam: Starship Flare

Met in MiamiCAM 3rd2 1/8 Miles $30,000MSW 4U
5M VATrainer: Dalton Kate Jockey: Dalton Bernard
 BMSire: Quiet American Owner: Joseph F. Fowler, Jr.
 Sire: Upstart Dam: American Princess

Auburn MillCT 3rd7 Furlongs $24,200SOC 4U StBrD
6G VATrainer: Farrior Anthony Jockey: Latchman Reshawn
 BMSire: War Chant Owner: Richard Burnsworth and Jeff Caffee
 Sire: Despite the Odds Dam: Wardrobe

C R's MandateCT 8th7 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
5G VATrainer: Schiano-Dicola Raimondo Jockey: Mendez Marshall
 BMSire: Malibu Moon Owner: Antonio Scotto DiCarlo
 Sire: Strong Mandate Dam: Malibu Baby

Cherokee CastleCT 5th4 1/2 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3UF&M StBrD
5M VATrainer: Brown Ronney W. Jockey: Lopez Carlos Eduardo
 BMSire: Max's Pal Owner: Nicole and Ronney W. Brown
 Sire: Windsor Castle Dam: Cherokee Champion

FearnoughtCT 2nd6 1/2 Furlongs $23,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Clatterbuck Frederick Jockey: Rodriguez Victor
 BMSire: Hard Spun Owner: Robin S Clatterbuck
 Sire: Limehouse Dam: Braefield

Golden AppealCT 3rd7 Furlongs $24,200SOC 4U StBrD
7G VATrainer: Craig, Jr. Lewis E. Jockey: Nunez Juan Mauricio
 BMSire: Malibu Moon Owner: Carter-Walker Racing, LLC (Mickel L. Carter, Sr.)
 Sire: Successful Appeal Dam: Golden Debutante

Hot Fudge SondeCT 8th7 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
5G VATrainer: Johnson Jamey R. Jockey: Latchman Reshawn
 BMSire: Changeintheweather Owner: Mark E. Russell
 Sire: Fiber Sonde Dam: Changingoftheguard

Humpty GrumptyCT 8th7 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
6H VATrainer: Contreras Javier Jockey: Ho Wesley
 BMSire: Luftikus Owner: O'Sullivan Farms LLC (Katherine F. Funkhouser, et. al.)
 Sire: Midshipman Dam: Shesagrumptoo

Juba's NotionCT 8th7 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
3G VATrainer: Petty Kristy Jockey: Almodovar Gerald
 BMSire: Great Notion Owner: John A. Casey
 Sire: Juba Dam: Jacky's Notion

La MaddalenaCT 5th4 1/2 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Pickett Crystal G. Jockey: Almodovar Gerald
 BMSire: Out of Place Owner: Schiano Racing, Inc. (Mike Schiano Di Cola)
 Sire: McCraken Dam: Out of Goodbyes

Like SegalCT 2nd6 1/2 Furlongs $23,000CLM 3U
5G VATrainer: Contreras Javier Jockey: Nunez Juan Mauricio
 BMSire: Kela Owner: Javier Contreras
 Sire: Super Ninety Nine Dam: Easter Fashion

Manhattan WeaveCT 2nd6 1/2 Furlongs $23,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Joy Kevin J. Jockey: Baez Jan M.
 BMSire: Bustin Stones Owner: Robert L. Cole, Jr.
 Sire: Weave It to Me Dam: Manhattan Special

MissionsninetynineCT 6th6 1/2 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
5G VATrainer: Brown Ronney W. Jockey: Araujo Denis
 BMSire: Warrior's Reward Owner: Ronney W. Brown and John Cefalu
 Sire: Super Ninety Nine Dam: Mission True

Night BossCT 2nd6 1/2 Furlongs $23,000CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Brown Ronney W. Jockey: Lopez Carlos Eduardo
 BMSire: Cosa Vera Owner: Nicole and Ronney W. Brown
 Sire: Holy Boss Dam: Atlanta Babe

NoidCT 6th6 1/2 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
5G VATrainer: Meehan Elizabeth E. Jockey: Whitacre Grant
 BMSire: Caller I. D. Owner: Elizabeth E. Meehan
 Sire: Windsor Castle Dam: Caller What U Want

Primetime JetCT 7th4 1/2 Furlongs $21,800CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Patterson Kevin S. Jockey: Araujo Denis
 BMSire: Grand Slam Owner: Robert L. Cole, Jr.
 Sire: Morning Line Dam: Grand Finesse

Rey O ReyesCT 3rd7 Furlongs $24,200SOC 4U StBrD
5G VATrainer: Adorno Jean L. Jockey: Mendez Marshall
 BMSire: Silver Train Owner: Azuquita Racing (Ada Santos)
 Sire: Gandhi Dam: Sterlings America

Run to DaylightCT 8th7 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
4G VATrainer: Runco Jeff C. Jockey: Bocachica Arnaldo
 BMSire: Stormy Atlantic Owner: David M. Raim
 Sire: Runhappy Dam: Daylight's Coming

StringfellaCT 3rd7 Furlongs $24,200SOC 4U StBrD
5G VATrainer: Ramos Agosto Miguel Jockey: Rivera Javier
 BMSire: Speightstown Owner: Miguel Ramos Agosto
 Sire: Gattopardo Dam: Music Town

StrydaCT 5th4 1/2 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3UF&M StBrD
3F VATrainer: Johnson Jamey R. Jockey: Araujo Denis
 BMSire: Not For Love Owner: FTF Racing LLC (Marcus Scott)
 Sire: Great Notion Dam: Maryland's Love

Subject to ChangeCT 6th6 1/2 Furlongs $33,900ALW 3U
5G VATrainer: Spriggs Toschia R. Jockey: Hiraldo Christian
 BMSire: Grand Slam Owner: William E. Devane and Adam King
 Sire: Graydar Dam: Balestra

TimmyCT 7th4 1/2 Furlongs $21,800CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Gazzier Kristy Jockey: Hiraldo Christian
 BMSire: Tenpins Owner: Cristina V. Mosby
 Sire: Limehouse Dam: Temily

Il MiracoloGP 14th1 1/8 Miles $1,000,000STK 03
3C VATrainer: Sano Antonio Jockey: Rios Jesus M. Curlin Florida Derby Presented by Hill ''n'' Dale Farms at Xalapa (1)
 BMSire: Tapit Owner: Alex Andres, LLC (Eduardo Soto)
 Sire: Gun Runner Dam: Tapit's World

Princess TheoremGP 10th1 1/16 Miles $150,000STK 4UF&M
5M VATrainer: Walsh Brendan P. Jockey: Ortiz Jose L. Sand Springs S.
 BMSire: Street Cry (IRE) Owner: Dewberry Thoroughbreds LLC (John Dewberry)
 Sire: Nyquist Dam: Princess Haya

Appealingtothe EyeLRL 6th7 Furlongs $52,000MSW 03F
3F VATrainer: Lynch Cathal A. Jockey: Marquez Charlie
 BMSire: Successful Appeal Owner: John D. Stuart & Andrew Rosen
 Sire: Mastery Dam: Appealing Maggie

Emotional RescueLRL 9th6 Furlongs $36,000MCL 35
4G VATrainer: Motion H. Graham Jockey: Humphrey William
 BMSire: Storm Boot Owner: High Five Racing
 Sire: Unified Dam: Emotional Storm

GuillaumeLRL 5thAbout 1 1/16 Miles $40,000SOC 3U
5G VATrainer: Allen, III A. Ferris Jockey: Karamanos Horacio
 BMSire: Pulpit Owner: Walter B. Doggett, III
 Sire: Hard Spun Dam: Paradise Bound

Irish WarlockLRL 2nd1 Mile $25,000MCL 03
3G VATrainer: Walters John J. Jockey: Rivera, Jr. Luis R.
 BMSire: Speightstown Owner: Plum Tree Stable
 Sire: Irish War Cry Dam: Abracadabra

My JubaLRL 7th5 1/2 Furlongs $26,000STR 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Sanchez-Salomon Rodolfo Jockey: Rodriguez Jaime
 BMSire: Flower Alley Owner: Michael E. Anderson
 Sire: Juba Dam: My House

NotimelikepresentLRL 4th6 Furlongs $25,000MCL 35
4G VATrainer: Farrior Anthony Jockey: Barbosa Jeiron
 BMSire: Partner's Hero Owner: Robert D. Bone & Edward J. Brown Jr.
 Sire: Mineshaft Dam: What Time It Is

Run Around SlewLRL 6th7 Furlongs $52,000MSW 03F
3F VATrainer: Cooney Susan S. Jockey: Araujo Denis
 BMSire: Flower Alley Owner: Quest Realty
 Sire: Practical Joke Dam: St. Louie Slew

Tap N GloLRL 1st6 Furlongs $27,000CLM 3UF&M
4F VATrainer: Sillaman Richard P. Jockey: Marquez Charlie
 BMSire: Awesome Again Owner: Herman M. Braude
 Sire: Tapiture Dam: Aunt Glo

BulsaraTP 7th6 Furlongs $125,000STK 03F
3F VATrainer: Trombetta Michael J. Jockey: Rodriguez Walter A. Serena''s Song S.
 BMSire: Langfuhr Owner: Commonwealth New Era Racing (Todd Mostoller)
 Sire: Klimt Dam: Queen Mercury

LarimarTUP 8th7 1/2 Furlongs $23,400AOC 3UF&M
6M VATrainer: Gutierrez Juan Quintana Jockey: Marti Alexander
 BMSire: Speightstown Owner: Jeff Jacobs
 Sire: Majesticperfection Dam: Untainted

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