Daily Results by Horse

Note: Horses displayed are foaled in VA but are not necessarily registered VA-bred.


  FinishRaceTrackDistance PurseEarningsRace Condition

Cutaday7th5thFAN 6 Furlongs $14,500$159MSW 3U
3G VATrainer: Blea, III Anthony Jockey: Orm Cory
 Dam: Farewell Sally Owner: Blea III Anthony
CHARTSire: V. E. Day BMSire: Ball's Bluff
 Breeder: Magalen O. Bryant

Uncle Andrew5th3rdPID 6 Furlongs $18,000$450SOC 3U
7G VATrainer: Dickey Keith C. Jockey: Riquelme Jose
 Dam: Bonnie Rose Owner: Lengel David R.
CHARTSire: Jack Milton BMSire: Hansel
 Breeder: Lazy Lane Farms, LLC.

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