Daily Results by Horse

Note: Horses displayed are foaled in VA but are not necessarily registered VA-bred.


  FinishRaceTrackDistance PurseEarningsRace Condition

Gigante1st11thCD 1 1/16 Miles $300,000$150,350STK 03
3C VATrainer: Asmussen Steven M. Jockey: Machado Luan Commonwealth Turf S.
 Dam: Summertime Green Owner: Iapetus Racing and Diamond T Racing
CHARTSire: Not This Time BMSire: Empire Maker
 Breeder: Ann Mudge Backer & Smitten Farm

King Covee5th1stLRL 1 Mile $43,600$1,290CLM 3U
3G VATrainer: Bailes W. Robert Jockey: Carrasco Victor R.
 Dam: Regal Roma Owner: Kuhn Chris
CHARTSire: Animal Kingdom BMSire: Regal Ransom
 Breeder: Christopher Kuhn

Rennie1st8thLRL 5 1/2 Furlongs $26,650$15,000MCL 35
4G VATrainer: Bailes W. Robert Jockey: Humphrey William
 Dam: Cape Cod Bay Owner: Bowlin Darlene
CHARTSire: Great Notion BMSire: Cape Town
 Breeder: Darlene H Bowlin

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