Daily Results by Horse

Note: Horses displayed are foaled in VA but are not necessarily registered VA-bred.


  FinishRaceTrackDistance PurseEarningsRace Condition

Enkindle4th5thLRL 6 Furlongs $44,045$2,050MCL 35F&M
4F VATrainer: Bailes W. Robert Jockey: Chavez Andres
 Dam: Blazeaway Owner: Eagle Point Farm
CHARTSire: Jump Start BMSire: Proud Citizen
 Breeder: Carlos Moore & Gillian Gordon-Moore

Hay Chief7th10thLRL 1 1/8 Miles $100,000$0STK 3U
4G VATrainer: Sanchez-Salomon Rodolfo Jockey: Cruz Angel Native Dancer S.
 Dam: Aruban Truth Owner: Mi Patria Racing and J R Sanchez Racing Stable
CHARTSire: Brody's Cause BMSire: Yes It's True
 Breeder: Christopher Elser

Lord Rockingham6th1stCT 4 1/2 Furlongs $16,600$332MCL 36 StBrD
3G VATrainer: Gomez Analia R. Jockey: Larrosa Gustavo
 Dam: Birch Circuit Owner: Hulings, Timothy G. and Gomez, Analia R.
CHARTSire: Juba BMSire: Jiggs Coz
 Breeder: Tim Hulings & Analia Larrosa

Naked and Famous1st3rdLRL 1 1/16 Miles $24,300$14,400SOC 3U
6G VATrainer: De Paz Horacio Jockey: Toledo Jevian
 Dam: Port Authority Owner: DEA Thoroughbred Racing LLC
CHARTSire: Upstart BMSire: Stormy Atlantic
 Breeder: Daybreak Stables, Inc.

Reggae Man11th5thGP 1 1/16 Miles $60,000$430MSW 03
3C VATrainer: Christie Clifton A. Jockey: Morales Angel
 Dam: Moonlight Lady Owner: Hayles Hugh W.
CHARTSire: Practical Joke BMSire: Malibu Moon
 Breeder: Lazy Lane Farms, LLC.

Spritzer7th8thCT 6 1/2 Furlongs $13,700$135CLM 3U
6G VATrainer: Carlisle John C. Jockey: Mendez Marshall
 Dam: Chianti Kat Owner: Hester Leanne
CHARTSire: Gone Clubbing BMSire: Bluegrass Cat
 Breeder: C. Leanne Hester

Spydylegs4th1stCT 4 1/2 Furlongs $16,600$830MCL 36 StBrD
4G VATrainer: Clement, III Roland P. Jockey: Bocachica Abnel J.
 Dam: Head Start Joanie Owner: Clement, III Roland P.
CHARTSire: Garnered BMSire: Royal Academy
 Breeder: Roland P. Clement

Tapio4th8thCT 6 1/2 Furlongs $13,700$665CLM 3U
4G VATrainer: Viands Stacey R. Jockey: Marrero Carlos
 Dam: Queens Plaza Owner: Golden Melinda B.
CHARTSire: Blame BMSire: Forestry
 Breeder: Morgan's Ford Farm

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