The Virginia Breeders Fund is a financial incentive program to encourage Thoroughbred breeding in the Commonwealth. It is funded by a 1% take-out of all live and simulcast pari-mutuel wagering conducted in the Commonwealth. Virginia Breeders Fund payments exceed $1 million annually.
The daily activities and administrative functions are handled by the VTA under the auspices of the Virginia Racing Commission.

The purpose of the Fund is:

To recognize Virginia-breds through incentive awards.

To promote breeding and further develop the Thoroughbred industry.

Only Thoroughbred horses and Thoroughbred stallions standing in Virginia that are registered with the Virginia Breeders Fund are eligible to earn incentives in the form of Breeder, Owner, or Stallion Owner Awards.

Virginia is the only state in the Mid-Atlantic region that pays breeders awards for wins at every racetrack in the United States. Currently, registered Virginia-bred and Virginia-sired horses are eligible for a 100 percent bonus in all open races held at Virginia’s racetracks. In addition, there are five Virginia-bred stakes races with various conditions run on the turf with purses of $60,000.


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