One Day of Open Bidding Only: 

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 11th, 2020
10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

CALL 540-347-4313 TO BID

Closing/Final Bidding: Wednesday, February 12th
You may pre-register to bid through Tuesday, February 11.

Please read these conditions carefully for important information about the auction.  

Please Click Here to Pre-register for the 2020 Auction

General Information

  • Click here to view the VTA Stallion Season Auction List.
  • THIS IS AN OPEN AUCTION, welcoming breeders from all states.  The resulting foals do NOT have to be foaled in Virginia or registered with the Virginia Breeders Fund.
  • All seasons will be sold on a no-guarantee basis unless otherwise noted.
  • Please note:  The “Advertised Stud Fees” listed on our roster are NOT the sales prices/conditions for the seasons during this auction.  They are the 2020 stud fees/conditions which are advertised publicly by the farms standing the respective stallions.  We include them only for informational purposes for our bidders.
  • Stallion seasons may have reserves.  The season donors request that the VTA keep these reserves confidential throughout the auction.  The VTA sets opening bids on seasons with the goal that the reserves may be met through the normal course of the bidding.  However, if a season fails to meet its reserve at the conclusion of the bidding, the VTA will make every effort to facilitate a satisfactory purchase agreement between the season donor and the high bidder.

Auction Dates and Procedures

  • The auction will run over two days:  New bids will be accepted ONLY on Tuesday, February 11, between the hours of 10:00 a.m and 8:00 p.m. EST.  Final bidding  will be conducted on Wednesday, February 12, among the high bidders on each season, to close the auction. (Please see Final Bid-off Procedure, below.)
  • Bidding will be by telephone only.  There will be no bidding via the internet or email.  Current bids on seasons will not be posted online.
  • Minimum bid increments will be $100 on all stallion seasons.

Final Bid-off Procedure

  • The auction will close to new bids at 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 11.  At this time, bidding will be closed on each stallion season that has received bids.  You must have placed at least one bid on a stallion in order to bid on that specific stallion on the auction’s closing day: Wednesday, February 12.  Only the top five bidders on each stallion season that has received bids will be allowed to continue bidding on these seasons on Wednesday, February 12.
  • On Wednesday, February 12 beginning at 10:00 a.m. EST, the Virginia Thoroughbred Association staff will attempt to contact the top five bidders on each stallion season that has received bids in order to close out the bidding.  Bidding will be closed on stallion seasons in alphabetical order by stallion name.  Stallions will be assigned designated closing times prior to the start of the auction.  Closing times will be posted on the VTA website and bidders will be informed of these closing times during the auction.
  • The CLOSING TIMES for the FINAL BIDDING (Wednesday, February 12) will be posted here on Monday, February 10.  
  • It is the responsibility of the bidder to stay in contact with the VTA office regarding the status of his/her bids and his/her position as a top five bidder.
  • In order to ensure confidentiality, only the top five bidders on a particular stallion season will be entitled to know the current bid on that stallion season on Wednesday, February 12.

After Auction Seasons Available

  • Select stallion seasons may be available after the auction closes.  Such seasons will be available for outright purchase on a first-come, first-served basis at set prices determined by the season donor and/or VTA Stallion Auction Committee beginning at 11:00 A.M., Thursday February 13.
  • The seasons available after the auction will be listed on the VTA website.
  • For prices on seasons available after the auction, please call Debbie Easter at 434-531-2480.

Sales and Payments

  • A bidder’s bid during the auction is considered a contract.  By placing a bid on a particular stallion season, the bidder is agreeing to purchase that stallion season if he/she has the successful high bid.
  • Payment for a season purchased is due upon receipt of the invoice from the Virginia Thoroughbred Association or the farm where the stallion resides.
  • Seasons MUST be PAID IN FULL PRIOR to mares being bred.  Upon full payment for each season, the VTA will send a release to the appropriate stud farm with the name and address of the successful bidder, granting permission for the bidder to breed his/her mare. Additional paperwork and/or contract may be required by the farm where the stallion stands: it is the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure all required paperwork is submitted prior to the mare being bred.
  • Kentucky 6% Sales Tax:  Seasons to stallions standing in Kentucky are subject to 6% sales tax on the sales price of the season.  Purchasers of Kentucky seasons will be responsible for paying the sales tax and invoices for Kentucky seasons will reflect the additional charge for the tax.
  • Payment may be made by American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, personal checks and money orders.
  • 3% Buyer’s Premium:  All purchases made by credit or debit card will be subject to an additional 3% buyer’s premium and invoices will reflect the additional charge for the premium.

We look forward to your participation in our auction. Click here to view the VTA Stallion Season Auction List.