Thoroughbred horsemen, breeders, and racing fans we need your help. Virginia racing and breeding is in a precarious state of decline. Despite Virginia’s long and glorious past we have fallen behind our neighbors in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware who are assisted by friendly legislatures in those states. You can help in Virginia by voting in the coming election for local and state-wide candidates who will support our efforts to promote, sustain, and grown our native horse industry.

We also need your financial support. The Virginia HBPA, representing owners and trainers of horses racing at Colonial Downs, and the Virginia Thoroughbred Association, representing Virginia’s breeders, formed the Virginia Equine Political Action Committee to support industry friendly candidates with contributions to their campaigns. To do so we depend exclusively on donations from members and friends.

November is fast approaching and we need to act now. Please contribute to our PAC in what ever amount you can. It’s easy, click on one of the links below and make a contribution with your credit card or mail a check made out to VEPAC to the address listed below.

Please help us support candidates who will support issues of concern to the thoroughbred industry in Virginia by contributing here.


Click here to make an online donation to VEPAC,
or Mail a check to:

c/o Virginia Thoroughbred Association
250 West Main Street, Suite 100
Charlottesville, VA 22902