I’m a VA TB Blog follower and I have to say you do an excellent job! I’ve recently relocated from Saratoga Springs, but reading your blog really has given me that “Go VA Breds” vibe and I hope with hard work and some cooperation with the state government, racing in VA will be strong in the future.

It was a bit unsettling to see such a small crowd on Colonial Turf Cup day…I only hope it was the weather that kept people away. For a state with such strong horse interest, a fan base is within the grasp.

One suggestion I had left on the comment card in the Turf Club was allowing people in to watch workouts. While the track is out of the way and will never have the morning crowds of Saratoga – exposure to the racehorse will interest people.

I’ve been a rider all of my life, but the track was a dark world to me until Smarty Jones came striding in. Now I try my very best to get people interested in racing – there are no simple answers, but I think your blog is a great step in the right direction.

Best in racing,