Do you have a story?

The VTA and VHBPA are looking for stories for the VA TB Blog. At the VTA’s bi-monthly board meeting today several directors pointed out that there are lots of stories involving Virginians and Virginia horses that aren’t finding their way to our blog…

Unfortunately, that is true, but the only reason we have for not publishing a story is simply that we don’t know about it. We get info for the blog via email from folks like you, from various news sources on the internet or by talking to people on a daily basis. However, we know we are missing stories that we would very much like to publish.

Simply put, we need your help. If you have a story or a tip for a story, please contact us at or

Also please remember, it’s your blog too – so speak up. I have asked various stakeholders in the industry to submit articles or opinions for the blog without much success to date. The invitation is also open to everybody on our email list and everybody who reads this blog.

So, if you have something to say or know of a story or have an idea for a story, please feel free to contact me. – GP