Williams Joins TRF Board

Robin Traywick Williams, the former Chairman of the Virginia Racing Commission, has been unanimously elected to the Board of Directors of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, the nation’s largest and oldest thoroughbred rescue group.

Williams (pictured here at the 2007 Virginia Derby Gr.III with daughter Katie) will join the TRF Board along with Dave Johnson, the renowned announcer and the long-time “Voice of the Triple Crown” for ABC Sports.The election of Johnson and Williams is consistent with the TRF’s policy of seeking out well known figures in the industry who are known for their enthusiasm and dedication and share in the organization’s belief that all retired race horses are deserving of a dignified retirement.

Williams has worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist in her native Virginia and is the author of the acclaimed book, “Chivalry, Thy Name is Bubba.”

In 1994, she was named commissioner of the Virginia Racing Commission by then Governor George Allen and served in that position until 2003. In 1999, she was honored by the Association of Racing Commissioners International with the Joan S. Pew Award, which recognizes racing regulators who have served with distinction.

“This is such an honor,” Williams said. “I love the racing industry, and I’m excited to have an opportunity to work with such an interesting group of people on a project of such importance to the racing industry. My husband is in the scrap metal recycling business, and he is always talking about “design for recycling.” I think the racing industry needs to adopt that attitude as well. We have to be thinking about what to do with the horses throughout their entire life cycle.”
“I’ve been impressed with the TRF board members and staff as we have worked together to organize the inmate training project at James River Correctional Center, and I’m hopeful that my service on the TRF board will help this program as well as the other prison programs around the country. We’ve had tremendous enthusiasm here in Richmond for the local program, and I’m hoping to contribute some of that energy to the national organization,” said Williams.