Victor Harrison is Executive Secretary of the Virginia Racing Commission since May of last year. He has 19 years experience in the pari-mutuel racing industry, both on the track management and regulatory sides of racing.

He worked for the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering in Florida for 8 years overseeing the state’s pari-mutuel auditors and the operations of the totalizator companies that provide pari-mutuel services to the racetracks. He then spent 10 years with United Tote as the Director of North American Sales before moving to track management at Vernon Downs in 2007.

Vic has some deep thoughts on horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering. He blogs over on Mary Forney’s Blog – What’s The Buzz In California Thoroughbred Racing. Mary is the Director of Operations for the Thoroughbred Owners of California.
So welcome Vic and his wisdom to VA TB Blog…We will be posting some of Vic’s comments from time to time, and we look forward to his impressions of the 2009 Colonial Downs race meet.

Past Posting and In-Race Betting By Vic Harrison
This week we focus on:

*Past Posting – Betting after the start of the race.
*The Start of the Race – When does it start?
*In-race Betting – Let’s legalize it.

Past Posting – betting after the start of a race – is just awful when it occurs and newsworthy too. Recently, when pools have been so breached, the handle has been refunded to the bettors – a good option – a boon to those who had losing wagers, but cold comfort indeed to those who selected the winners.

The track, the state, breeders, et al, are hurt by the loss of handle and accompanying churn for that race. But, in fairness, bettors usually will bet their wagering allotment by the end of the performance whether or not there are seven or ten races.

At one point in time, when certain state lotteries closed wagering on, say, a lotto pool, the state lottery would further verify the lotto pool closing by attempting to punch tickets on a lottery terminal; they had instant confirmation that the pools had closed, or not. What a simple low-tech solution. The pari-mutuel industry might explore this solution until such time that broader wagering monitoring systems are fully implemented.

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