We were reminded today while perusing the agenda for the Virginia Racing Commission meeting on Wednesday that at last month’s meeting the group passed a resolution honoring Bill Passmore.

WHEREAS, William Passmore, a resident of Maryland, who died on the 14th day of May 2009, at the age of 76 years, was a life-long contributor to the sport of horse racing; having spent 38 years as a successful and honored jockey, winning 3,531 races with purses accumulating over $23 million dollars in purse money; and
WHEREAS, he also served 20 years as a Racing Steward, including 11 years as a Steward at the Colonial Downs Racetrack in the Commonwealth of Virginia; and
WHEREAS, during his career as a jockey, and after his retirement, he served as a mentor and tutor to younger jockeys and established himself as an appropriate role model in the sport; and
WHEREAS, as a jockey and Steward, he always supported and promoted safe and sound horsemanship; and
WHEREAS, Bill always exhibited a gracious sense of humor, and maintained a dignity that earned the respect and admiration of fans, and of his associates, personal and professional, as a true gentleman;
BE IT RESOLVED by the Virginia Racing Commission that, due to all of the above, and more , we do hereby honor William Passmore, and express our thanks and appreciation for all his contributions to our efforts to sustain a viable sport of horse racing and the horse industry in Virginia; and we commend him by this resolution as being an honorary Virginian who will be truly missed by all of us; and we express our deepest sympathy and condolences to his wife Charlene and his seven children and their families on the great loss of this wonderful gentleman, whose memory is cherished by all here in the Commonwealth of Virginia who came to know him during his exemplary career.