The Virginia H.B.P.A. counts among its members some 1,800 owners and trainers who have raced at Colonial Downs. Now, the V.H.B.P.A. is looking for member emails to increase thier ability to better inform owners and trainers about race days, purses, medication rules, overnights, etc.

As part of the effort to collect those emails, the organization is holding a Christmas Raffle for $1,000 if they receive 400 email addresses as a result of this campaign.

To be eligible for the raffle, just email your name, phone number and E-MAIL to V.H.B.P.A. Executive Director Frank Petramalo (

So if you have ever run a horse at Colonial Downs as an owner or a trainer, please send this info the V.H.B.P.A.

Who knows, you might win $1,000!