Ray Paulick both as the editor of the Blood-Horse and now as the editor/publisher of the Paulick Report and ESPN contributor has consistently said nice things about racing in Virginia.

He wrote this while editor of the Blood-Horse: “…and the turf course has been recognized as among the best in the country.

That was not enough to make Colonial a success. In-state wagering lagged, largely because of a lack of distribution. The same flawed law requiring local approval for tracks or OTBs also limits to six the number of OTB sites. Currently there are only four, and none in heavily populated northern Virginia. This restrictive law seems all the more absurd when you consider Virginians have 5,600 locations to wager on the state lottery and nearly 650 outlets of bingo…”

Well obviously, the math (four OTBs out of a total of six) dates this piece…It wasn’t written yesterday, and yet the industry remains hampered by the same fundamental issue.

Ray Paulick wrote those words in February of 2000.

Recently, the Paulick Report published a commentary we sent to 65 newspapers across the state when Charitable Man’s attempt at the Belmont Stakes opened up a brief window of notice by media outlets in the Commonwealth regarding our industry. Paulick titled it “Virginia can’t compete with other states because Virginians can’t bet.”

Keep your eyes out, a slightly re-written post-Belmont edition will appear in some Media General papers this weekend, as well as the Roanoke Times.

To read the commentary, click here.