By Robin Williams

On Friday, I rode Shelby, our bombproof hunting horse, over to Barn 4 and left her for the guys to play with all day. Three of them have some horse experience and three are brand-new.

I must say, seeing their eager faces and watching them with Shelby was a huge validation of everything we have been working on. One of them had brought her an apple, another one fed her carrots from his own lunch.

They were all eager to hold, brush, lead, water, pet her, and at times you couldn’t see the horse for the circle of men around her, but they were charmingly generous about sharing, as Heather reported to me later. First man: “Would you like to lead her?” Second man: “You go ahead. I’ve had a turn but I would like to go again after you.” Just imagine when they have enough horses to go around.

I confess that I have been a bit testy about all the demands of working on this project, but all that washed away on Friday.