And what does that have to do with cats? Read on.

We are anxiously awaiting Saturday to see what impact the Friends of Barbaro (FOB) have on the Virginia Derby. News of Colonial Downs’ biggest race is now surfacing in all sorts of interesting, not so interesting, and let’s be frank – at times – weird places.

How about the blog CATS WORKING.

Cat Working is written by Karen Wormald, an award-winning business writer and author of How to Work Like a CAT, her second book. Her quirky column on office life, “Around the Watercooler” regularly appears in Office Solutions magazine, and she’s a contributing editor to PC Solutions. Her work has appeared in many other publications, including Cruise Travel, Credit Union Business, Cats magazine, and at She also runs Business Writers’ Bootcamp for her alma mater, the University of Richmond.

Here’s part of what she had to say:

On July 18, Barbaro’s younger brother, Nicanor, is running in the $750,000 Virginia Derby — AND KAREN’S GOING TO SEE HIM!

Colonial Downs discriminates by prohibiting cats from attending races, and Cats Working briefly considered staging a poop-in all over the front lawn. But the race will be shown on TVG, the horse racing channel, and Karen promised to leave the TV on for us, so we can’t complain because we’ll probably see the race better than she will.

Nicanor’s odds are 7-2 in a 10-horse field, and considered the wild card who could beat the favorite, a British horse named Battle of Hastings, who won the Colonial Turf Cup at the Downs earlier this year…

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Stay tuned for more FOB updates.