See this…yes, it’s a Daily Racing Form and evidently the folks up in New Jersey where they publish this baby know exactly where Colonial Downs is. So why can’t one find it’s way down to Colonial Downs? Why can’t you get a Form at Virginia’s only racetrack on the day of Virginia’s biggest horse race?

What next, the rest areas are going to close? Oh yeah, that’s already happening starting tomorrow, but, seriously, this DRF thing is a problem.

It has always been difficult to get a Form at Colonial Downs and we aren’t sure why. It is especially disappointing when none are available on the two biggest days of the year, and if anybody involved thinks it doesn’t matter, they’re wrong.

We know Colonial Downs CEO Ian Stewart pretty well and he’s not a man who’s going to spend money he doesn’t have to spend. On the other hand, he’s no dummy and he’s not about to leave money on the table, and that’s exactly what is happening. (Yes, I know you can download it, but a lot of horseplayers just want to buy it at the racetrack.)

Simply put, the Daily Racing Form drives handle. People who use it are serious about what they are doing and they wager more. The more and better info they have, the more they will wager, and the pp’s in the program don’t get it done with these folks.

Whatever it costs to get the Form to Colonial Downs on Turf Cup and Derby day, we’d wager the uptick in handle would pay for it. My guess is Colonial Downs’ management hasn’t thought of it in terms of potential handle remaining in their guests’ pockets.

We have received several complaints about this over the years and some new ones after Saturday. This is a problem that needs to be solved.

Colonial, what’s your side of the story?