Reminder: Register your VA-bred by Dec. 31

Don’t forget: Register your Virginia-bred before December 31 to avoid additional  fees!

To register a Virginia-bred horse, an applicant must submit to the VTA by the Dec. 31 deadline the following:

A completed and signed application form for each horse to be registered. Click here for the Virginia Bred Thoroughbred Online Form.

A check payable to the Virginia Breeders Fund in full payment for registration fees. Click here for the current fee schedule. 

Once the registration process is completed, an official Virginia-bred certificate will be mailed to the applicant for attachment to the horse’s Jockey Club papers. Registration is valid for the life of the horse.

Important: In order to earn an award, a Virginia-Bred must be registered prior to running any race which is part of the Virginia Breeders Fund’s programs.

Please note that you do NOT have to be a current Virginia Thoroughbred Association member to register Thoroughbreds, participate in or earn awards from the Virginia Breeders Fund. However, we encourage you to join the Association today. As a VTA member, you will enjoy substantial savings on registration fees and many other benefits, and you will be supporting the Association’s efforts to grow and strengthen our Commonwealth’s native breeding and racing industry.