Horacio Karamanos just passed Mario Pino as the all-time leading rider at Colonial with his 256th win at the New Kent track.

“Mario Pino is a very good rider and it’s very tough to tie to Mario and now I’m about to win. I’m so happy for that,” Karamanos said after the record-breaking win.

Karamanos (pictured here with Colonial GM Iain Woolnough and Clerk of Scales Adam Campola)already held the record for career earnings at Colonial – now at $4,548,910, the single-season earnings record of $1,208,658 set in 2005 and the single-season wins record of 66 set the same year.

The Argentine native began riding at Colonial in 2002, exploding on the scene with 57 wins to annex his first riding title in America and becoming the first rider to surpass $1 million in earnings in a meet. Karamanos finished third here in 2003 and second in 2004 before regaining his title with his record-setting 2005 season. He finished second last summer.

Karamanos has 27 winners through the first 16 days of the 40-day meet to top the standings yet again. 2006 champion Luis Garcia is second with 16.

Pino was the leading at Colonial in 1999, 2000 and 2001 and was second in 1998 and 2002 but has not ridden regularly her since the 2002 season. Pino still holds the record for wins in a day, 7, set on July 8, 2002.

Prior to Pino’s runs, the leading rider was typically a guy named Prado…you know the one.