It’s post time for the Hennegan Brothers. There award winning film THE FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY is opening Friday, April 18th in a limited run. See below on how you can support the film by buying a ticket or two even if you can’t get to the theatre.

A recent email from the films producers/directors, John and Brad Hennegan said:

We’ll keep it short. We need everyone to go see THE FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY.

We have one shot at this. If it does not do business this first weekend, the theaters won’t be inviting us back to play the next week.

Bring your friends, relatives and co-workers. Buy the empty seat next to you. If you’re like our friend Dougie McCarthy, you’ll buy the whole row.

The money from the box office comes directly back to us – not to a studio. We are doing this independently by renting the theatres in conjunction with Mark Cuban’s Truly Indie program
( In other words, we’re on the hook for the money…

If you need additional inspiration, we are donating 25% of the box office from the first week directly to equine research. (

The film is playing in Washington D.C. at Landmark’s E Stree Cinema at 555 11th Street, NW.

You can buy tickets on line, and even if you can’t make it to D.C. to see the film, why not just buy a couple of tickets anyway?

Here’s the trailer courtesy of YouTube: