R.I.P. BUTLER 2001-2011

The Jack Russell terrier known to most as Butler, and to a few as Mutler, who greeted visitors to the VTA office more often than not over the past ten years has relocated to dog heaven.  Just last week, it was discovered that Butler had a cancerous tumor growing rapidly in his throat, and was given a grim prognosis of a rapid demise. 

After a weekend of steak and ice cream the typically cantankerous, but ever vigilant, recently retired office canine relocated.  No doubt, he’s already barking orders to his new keepers.

No worries though, there are still office dogs at 38 Garrett Street.  That said, Butler’s shoes were so big he was replaced by, not one, but two critters – the Shelties Colin and Timmy. 

Neither is as loud or as cantankerous as their predecessor (may he rest in peace!)