Well known Hollywood horse trainer Rex Peterson will be conducting a clinic on October 10th at Morningside Training Farm. The training center is located in The Plains, VA, about 10 minutes from Warrenton, VA.

The seminar is designed to help horsemen improve communication with their own horses and to meet some of Peterson’s most famous Hollywood horses including “Mr. T” – one of the eight horses who portrayed Secretariat in the upcoming film. In addition attendees will meet “R.J.” the famous paint stallion who co-starred with Viggo Mortensen in the Disney film “Hidalgo.”

Peterson has fifty years experience training horses and thirty one years in the film industry. He has trained horses for Hidalgo, Sylvester, Ruffian, Runaway Bride, Dreamer, The Horse Whisperer, The Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Flicka and All The Pretty Horses among others.

The cost to schedule a private lesson at the clinic for you and your horse with Peterson is $150.00 per hour. Peterson’s accomplished partner, Cari Swanson, offers private dressage sessions as well. Swanson is a USDF Silver Medalist in Dressage, FEI competitor and graduate of USDF “L” Education Program for Judges Training. The cost to audit the training sessions scheduled from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm is $40 per person.

To join Peterson for the very eventful meet and greet, “The Equine Stars of Hollywood Performance Program” from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm with Hidalgo equine star R.J. and Mr. T from Secretariat the cost is $50 per person.

To make reservations, or to learn more information and photo availability Contact: Brandy Clark 540-937-3280 Thefineequinestables@msn.com. To learn more about Rex Peterson please visit the website, http://www.swansonpetersonproductions.com/.