BEST & WORST OF TIMES – Yesterday, I wrote about “Running the Table”, a feat I nearly came close to doing on Sunday’s “Father’s Day” card. Well, with Nick’s Picks on Monday, I did run the table but not the way anyone wishes too. However over the last two days my win percentage is 33%, just like the leading rider of the meet, Eric Camacho.

Taking a look at the jockey and trainer standings as we approach the midway point of meet, Camacho has 22 wins, 2 more than Rosemary Homeister. Camacho’s win total is merited in that his wins have come in 65 starts, several tens of races less than his riding foes.

Trainers Ferris Allen and Hamilton Smith have hooked up in the trainers duel with Smith holding a one race lead with 15 wins.

RACE 1 – 6 DERWIN’S PULPIT – Tim Keefe, the trainer of the 1st winner at CNL in ’97, starts his 5th of the meet. 1 KISSINACOP, 2 TRES EVENT

RACE 2 – 2 PROSECCA – DIRT ALERT: Small drop for Hobson’s horse who had the lead in last start. 6 FAVORITE CLASS, 4 WILD TESTIMONY

RACE 3 – 2 CUT FOR LUCK – Big drop for Smith’s “Express” but Cut for Luck gave me a win earlier in the meet. 5 NATURES EXPRESS, 3 YASINISI

RACE 4 – 6 NIGHTSWIMMING – Several Colonial closers return seeking their 1st win. Boucher filly knows the mile. 4 STEVIE WOODS, 1 GERALDLEE

RACE 5 – 1 PURELY PERFECT – Look for “Neusch’s “Hao” to improve in 2nd ’10 start but Purely has been steady. 7 SPARKLING HALO, 4 SHIRLEY&MARGARET

RACE 6 – 7 WHITEHOUSERIDGE – Draw a line thru the sloppy last start of undefeated trainer Pablo’s gelding. 6 SUPER STRUGGLER, 10 HEAVEN’S REWARD

RACE 7 – 2 SCHLEPROCK – Trainer Michael Pino win % is just under 50% and he starts a fresh Touch Gold gelding. 3 LOUANN’S BOOT, 4 WYE

RACE 8 – 1 WOLVERTON – Allen has two entered to vie against a worthy California shipper. Rider edge helps. 8 PROTECT THE RING, 4 ELDARION

RACE 9 – 1 YOU RASCAL – Look for Bailes to correct items he didn’t like from 1st CNL start, including class. 3 MAGIC NORMAN, 8 PEACE PIPE