Keep an eye on your mail if you are a member of the Virginia Thoroughbred Association. Currently our Membership Committee, under the guidance of new board member Leanne Hester, is developing some additional benefits for being a VTA member.

Members are now eligible for a 10% discount at tractor supply with a coupon. You must have the coupon (with a valid bar code) to get the discount, and you must be a member to get the coupon. Having said that, think how quickly you can save as much or more than your annual dues with savings at this great store. Members will be receiving coupons in the mail shortly. For additional coupons, contact the VTA office.

The Membership Committee is also finalizing a 10% discount coupon with Blue Seal Feeds.

Finally, we also currently have an arrangement for discounted stud fees for stallions standing at Naylee Farm in West Virginia. Go to for info on their stallions and contact the office for info about the discount.

As always, we appreciate the support of our members, and we hope that you will consider joining today. For more info, click here.

With all these discounts, your membership dues can end up being absolutely FREE!