2362 C, Tale of the Cat – Steady Play, Knockgriffin Farm, Agent – $80,000, Barry and Joni Butzow. Bred by the Estate of Edward P. Evans.

2385 C, Tiz Wonderful – Tico Breeze, St. George Sales, Agent XIX – $65,000, Michael Sucher.  Bred by Hart Farm.

2486 F, Elusive Quality – Cat Minstrel, St. George Sales, Agent XVI – L.S. Racing, $38,000. Bred by the Estate of Edward P. Evans.

2541 C, Ready’s Image – Evangel, Ashview Farm LLC (Bryan Lyster & Gray Lyster), Agent – $20,000, Ed Moger. Bred by James S. Carter & Walmac Farm.

2560 F, Roman Ruler – Gal’s Victory, St. George Sales, Agent XIX – $30,000,Dale Romans, Agent. Bred by Hart Farm.

2594 C, Cowboy Cal – Honorett, Indian Creek, Agent – $67,000, James McIngvale. Bred by Morgan’s Ford Farm.    

2595 F, Exchange Rate – Honour Old Glory, St. George Sales, Agent XIX  – $60,000, Michael Pino. Bred by Hart Farm.

3205 C, Mineshaft – Amy’s Gold, Burleson Farms, Agent – $10,000, Gary Tussey. Bred by Chance Farm.         

3299, C Jump Start – Flying Ten, Burleson Farms, Agent – $7,500, Black Burn Farm. Bred by Chance Farm.

3317 C, Ready’s Image – Gucci Gulch, Four Star Sales, Agent – $10,000, Monarch Thoroughbreds, LLC. Breeder not in VTA data base.

3362 F, Jump Start – Lone Flight, Burleson Farms, Agent – $17,000, Randy Littlepage. Bred by Chance Farm.

3435 F, Aragorn (IRE) – Smash Review, Eaton Sales, Agent – $4,000, R. B. McCutchen. Bred by Wolver Hill Farm.