One more reminder about the 16th Annual Thoroughbred Yearling Auction conducted by the Virginia Tech MARE Center coming up on Sunday. The sale starts at 2 p.m. and inspections start at 10 a.m. In addition, there will be a cocktail party and preview on Thursday night. As usual, all proceeds go directly to the MARE Center to continue research and breeding programs.

The MARE Center raises these yearlings as a vital part of its research efforts to better understand the relationships between nutrition and healthy development in the growing horse, improved reproduction in the mare, and optimal performance in the athletic horse.
This year the MARE Center yearlings are being worked with under the guidance of renowned horse trainer, Red Revelle. Basic handling and groundwork will be covered so the yearlings should be well prepared for the next step in their training. To learn more about Red Revelle please visit

For inspection tours, please contact Rita Rollison, at 540-687-3521 or

1 Chestnut Filly Fred Astaire Sibaelle
2 Bay Gelding Fred Astaire Medly
3 Chestnut Gelding Ball’s Bluff Rose and Lavalier
4 Bay Filly Ball’s Bluff Mama Hoochie
5 Bay Filly Meadow Monster Stalking
6 Chestnut Gelding Fred Astaire Amyscharmingway
7 Bay Filly Fred Astaire Tally
8 Bay Filly Ball’s Bluff Joanz Got Da Blues
9 Bay Gelding Ball’s Bluff Christmas Magic
10 Chestnut Filly Ball’s Bluff Lady Soul
11 Dark Bay/Brown Filly Wayne County Smart Little Cooky
12 Dark Bay/Brown Filly Ball’s Bluff Dreams and Wishes
13 Bay Gelding Fred Astaire Castle Mellay
14 Bay Gelding Ball’s Bluff Never Ask
15 Bay Filly Ball’s Bluff Fergie’s Deerhound
16 Chestnut Gelding Yarrow Brae Herb Garden
17 Chestnut Filly Fred Astaire Wild Magnolia
18 Bay Gelding Fred Astaire Vulcania
19 Bay Filly Ball’s Bluff Hidden Dark
20 Bay Gelding Ball’s Bluff Copa
21 Bay Gelding Ball’s Bluff Emotional Truth
22 Chestnut Filly Katahdin Nora’s Gal