Beginning with the June 2009 issue, Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred may be viewed in its entirety in PDF format on the Maryland Horse Breeders Association Web site at http://www.marylandthoroughbred.com/ (click on Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred in the top menu bar) or by going directly to http://www.midatlantictb.com/.

Now that it is available on the web, Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred has the potential to reach an even wider audience while continuing to serve as a valuable resource for loyal readers of our print version. The electronic version will provide cutting-edge technology to our advertisers, giving them added-value for the advertising dollars they spend with us, and making our publication more attractive to them as a marketing vehicle.

In electronic format, Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred will be readily available to our subscribers any where they have internet access.

Each issue will be made available before the print edition is in the mail, so our readers get access to this monthly resource faster. The electronic version is completely interactive. Every e-mail address when clicked on takes the viewer to an e-mail ready to send to that address. Web addresses listed throughout the magazine automatically link to active Web sites.

Listings on the cover and table of contents take the viewer directly to each article or section of the issue, and every article is available in straight text format. In a convenient menu at the top of the viewing window, there is an advertisers’ index which links directly to ads in the magazine, contents link to any article quickly, a search engine, and the ability to zoom in on any page for easier viewing. We also have the additional capabilities of linking videos to any article or advertisement, and adding or changing pages throughout the magazine, greatly increasing our ability to communicate with our audience.

For MHBA members and any paid subscribers access is free, but a user name and password is required. To set up a user name and password, viewers are prompted to contact Anne Warner at (410) 252-2100 or e-mail awarner@marylandthoroughbred.com. Online subscriptions to the electronic version may be purchased online immediately when a viewer clicks on the magazine icon, or through the regular online subscription form. The cost is $20.