If you look at the jockey standings after two weeks of racing at Colonial Downs, sitting atop won’t be Rosemary Homeister or Horatio Karamanos. It’s Eric Camacho. If you walk around the apron after a Camacho win, you can hear fans uttering “Macho Camacho” under their breath. The Maryland native got his first win at Pimlico in 2004 and currently has 14 wins at Colonial’s summer meet, one ahead of “Special K”. Camacho’s wins are in 42 starts making his win percentage 33.3%. On Saturday morning on “Off to the Races” at 11:05 AM, we will ask Eric if he likes the “Macho” nickname. Also on Off to the Races with Derby Bill and Nick Hahn, our “Thoroughbeat” guest will be track superintendent J.D. Thomas to tell us how “The Big Red Green” better known as the Secretariat Turf Course is holding up. Off to the Races is streamed and archived at http://www.espn950am.com/.