Glenn Craven over at “Fugue For Tinhorns” is an enthusiastic and thoughtful horse owner. Today he blogged about a filly running at Saratoga in the $70,000 Loudonville Stakes.

The filly is owned by lifetime racetracker Tim Snyder, and she recently won three straight races at Finger Lakes. She was so impressive that offers up to $500,000 came rolling in to Snyder.

Ignoring the horsemen’s credo of “take the money,” Snyder held on to his filly for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that she is named after his late wife Lisa. His handling of this filly has been the subject of great speculation. Should he have sold her and pocketed the $500,000 or should he keep her (she has long paid her way) and try to win some big races…?

Lo and behold, Snyder got some redemption today when Lisa’s Booby Trap won the Loudonville by six lengths. Keep an eye out for her next start to see if she takes another step up to the land of graded stakes. Her win today upper her career tally to $75,000 – not bad for a filly that cost $4,500.

The chart of the Loudonville is here.

Glenn’s story is here, and a profile in the New York Times is here.

(Photo by Charlie Samuels for The New York Times)