JOHN THIGPEN: Long time Virginia staple John Thigpen died recently. You couldn’t go to a horse race either on the flat or over jumps during the past 50 years here in the Commonwealth and not come across John at some point. If you ever did, you will recall what a nice guy he was…Joe Clancy reflects on the life and times of John

MAGNA: Ask permission to sell Maryland tracks

PIMLICO: Now that Magna has filed Chapter 11, there is much concern over the future of the Preakness. Last week, Baltimore attorney Peter Angelos offered his help. If you are a fan of the Angelo’s Orioles, you have to wonder is that a good idea?

QUALITY ROAD: Fountain of Youth winner Quality Road put in a good work in preparation for Saturday’s Florida Derby.

WILDHORSES: Madeleine Pickens is working hard in Washington to save our wild Mustangs. You can help. She aims to purchase a million or so acres of ranchland to save more than 30,000 wild horses now held in captivity by the Bureau of Land Management, but to no one’s surprise the Federal Government isn’t being overly cooperative…

(Photo by D. Robert and Lorri Franz)