Irish horsemen turned writer and movie actor, Tom Foley, will be the judge for this Sunday’s Virginia Breeders’ Fund annual $15,000 Yearling Futurity at the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds.
Foley’s book is an honest and emotional account of the jockey’s struggle to recapture his passion for the sport and the horses that came to define his life. Starting with his dream of becoming a jockey in Ireland, Foley takes us with him on his journey across the Atlantic and allows us to witness both his successes and failures.
The website supporting The Simple Game can be reached by going to Foley’s memoir can be pre-ordered at a savings of over twenty percent at the website and an excerpt of the book’s first chapter is also featured there.
Release of the book is set to coincide with the opening of Walt Disney studio’s major motion picture, Secretariat. Foley plays the role of Jimmy Gaffney in the movie. Professional jockey Otto Thorwarth will write the introduction to Foley’s book. Thorwarth is also in the Secretariat movie. He plays the role of Hall of Fame jockey Ron Torcotte.

Of the experience Foley stated, “I read for Randall Wallace, the writer of Braveheart and the director of Secretariat. We reminisced about Ireland and his time at home shooting Braveheart. After my audition he said that I’d done a good job, but I never imagined that it was good enough to land a role and that the experience would end up figuring prominently in my life story.”

Foley Foley was born in Limerick, Ireland, and after completing his training as a jockey at the Racing Academy Centre of Education in Kildare arrived in America when he was seventeen years old. He has ridden as a professional jockey both on flat and steeplechase tracks for over thirteen years. In his first full year as a professional jockey, he was the leading money-winning apprentice in steeplechase racing and the third leading money winner overall. After spending the last three years riding on the flat, he has returned to riding over jumps. He currently lives on a farm outside Baltimore, Maryland.