The Jockey Club has amended Rule 18 of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book from “Sold Without Pedigree” to “Sold as Retired from Racing” so an owner can retire a Thoroughbred from racing without affecting its breeding privileges, it was announced Feb. 27.

Under the previous Rule 18, the Certificate of Foal Registration for a horse sold without pedigree was returned to The Jockey Club and canceled, and the horse was no longer considered a Thoroughbred for breeding or racing purposes.

Under the amended Rule 18, the owner of a Thoroughbred can request that The Jockey Club attach a special notation to the Certificate of Foal Registration to indicate the horse should no longer be considered a Thoroughbred for racing purposes. Unlike the previous “Sold Without Pedigree,” horses that are “Retired from Racing” are still considered Thoroughbreds for breeding purposes.

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