Equibase recently announced that Virginia Derby starter and Travers Stakes runner-up Hold Me Back’s running line in the chart of the 2009 Kentucky Derby was potentially inaccurate.

As with any inquiry regarding the accuracy of Equibase® data, the company researched the race thoroughly, in this case utilizing video and digital photographs. It was determined that Hold Me Back’s running line was in fact erroneous at the half call (second call, made at the three-quarter pole), and has been corrected from 5th, 2 1/2 cumulative lengths behind, to 13th, 8 1/2 lengths behind.

Upon further investigation of the position of all horses, a clerical error was uncovered. The running positions and margins at the half call and the three-quarters call had been transposed. The correction of this error did not result in a substantive difference to the running line of any horse.

Corrections to the Kentucky Derby chart have been made, and the corrected chart has been posted on and distributed to all data customers.

Equibase policy is to research and, where warranted, correct any data errors regardless of the date of the race.