Dear Friends:

We have just received word that these two TB geldings ( both around 8 yrs old,) Brickbat and Son of a Gun, plus a mare who is 18 are losing their placement at one of our foster farms.  The owners are having to sell and they have only had these three for about 3 or 4 months.

All are pasture sound,  none require special attention or are hard keepers. We ask that anyone willing to foster these horses provide hay during non-foraging periods, safe and secure fencing, fresh water and run-in sheds and that they are checked on a regular basis.  
TRF will aid in the cost of farrier and vet charges if the foster farm requests it.  Vaccine and worming schedules must be met.  These horses are currently in Nelson county but TRF can arrange to transport within central Virginia.  All three are registered with the Jockey Club and all three have raced…….more or less.

If you have an extra space for one of these beautiful animals in one or more of your fields, please contact Sue Hart at 434-409-4102 or sjh58 at hotmail dot com. Please put “Foster Horses” in the subject line so your email doesn’t end up in the trash. 

Thanks to everyone for helping us out.

Sue Hart, TRF Montpelier