Say what?

If you woke up this morning and thought you had seen everything, we wager you were wrong…unless, you have seen harness racing in the ocean at low tide in the North Sea in Germany.

That’s what we thought…

Check it out.

As near as we can tell, there is a spa in the village of Duhnen near the town of Cuxhaven in Northern Germany. Every year since 1902, they conduct both flat and harness races over what loosely translates to “the tidelands.” The tide goes out, or, at least, most of it goes out and the races are on…
Not to worry, there is wagering, music and a host of other entertainment options. Sounds like fun.

Must be, as some 35,000 people came out to see the 35th annual running. Visitors flocked in early with chairs, binoculars and picnic baskets to get a good spot for the event, which bills itself as the “race at the bottom of the sea.” The horses ran a total of 12 races over long the 1.2 kilometer oval track set up for the day’s events.

Between races, visitors placed their next bets while taking in an air show featuring parachutists and the Graf Zeppelin, a naval air squad stationed at nearby Nordholz.