Popular Colonial Downs rider Rosemary Homeister (Jr.)
will be live on “Off to the Races” this Saturday.

By Nick Hahn

Jockey Rosemary Homeister (Jr.) has been the leading rider at Colonial Downs the last several years but don’t expect her to sit atop of the jockey standings this summer.  The filly is becoming a mare.

Homeister is in foal, entering her third trimester, with a girl.  We’ll let her tell you about the naming. 

She will be our guest this Saturday live on “Off to the Races” on the Virginia Racehorse Network.  Find out what she thinks about becoming a mom, her future racing plans and what she’s been doing with herself since learning of her pregnancy fathered by her boyfriend, Irwin Rosendo. 

Rosemary’s mother was also a jockey riding primarily in the 1970s.

Also this Saturday, Bernie Hettel, the newly appointed executive director of the Virginia Racing Commission, will be our guest to discuss the current issues and future of racing in Virginia. 

“Off to the Races”, hosted by Nick Hahn and “Derby Bill” Watson, broadcasts live at 11:05 Saturday morning in Richmond on ESPN 950 AM, WXGI and is also available on the web at http://www.espn950am.com/.