For 15 years, Ray Paulick was a leading industry voice as the editor in chief of The Blood-Horse. Earlier this week, Paulick launched a next-generation online publication, The Paulick Report (, which aims to be the Thoroughbred industry’s independent voice for news, analysis and commentary.

Modeled after the success of web-based publications including Real Clear Politics, The Huffington Post and Drudge Report, The Paulick Report will feature reporting and analysis on a wide range of topics.

The Paulick Report also will feature links—updated throughout the day—to global Thoroughbred news and commentary produced by mainstream media and the growing community of knowledgeable bloggers who keep a watchful eye on the racing and breeding industry.

“We will combine the orthodoxy of the Wall Street Journal with the cutting edge of Politico and the irreverence of Indian Charlie,” said Paulick. “We hope to revolutionize the news coverage of the Thoroughbred industry with quality reporting of the large reservoir of uncovered news, emphasis on breaking the big story and by tapping into the talented army of on-line contributors. This industry combines all the ingredients of Wall Street, Washington and Hollywood—and we plan to bring this out with a laser focus on the business of racing, the politics of the industry and the celebrities of horse racing, including the horses themselves.”