Congressman Ed Whitfield has long led the charge against horse slaughter for human consumption. Now, he’s looking to take on a new task…Eliminating drugs from racing.

In a piece for the Blood-Horse he writes:

Today, the perception that steroid use is common practice has diminished and regulation of drug use in professional baseball has improved greatly. MLB leaders came together to significantly improve drug testing procedures and the anti-­doping program. While there are still challenges facing the leagues, MLB’s anti-doping program is widely considered the toughest in all of major league sports.

Now compare this result with that of the congressional examination of drug use in horse racing. Congress first addressed drug use in the sport 27 years ago. U.S. Senator Mac Mathias and other leaders in Congress spearheaded efforts to enact legislation that would have banned a number of drugs from horse racing and established a clear, uniform rule to govern the sport in the United States.