“On The Rail”

Robin Caspari paints horses but does not consider herself to be an equine artist.

“I use the horses as a vehicle of expression,” she explains. “It’s not about the horses; it’s about what’s going on in the painting. With horses, there is so much personification and connection with the human soul and emotion.”

Caspari grew up in Goochland County surrounded by horses and says her first childhood memories revolve around the animals. She rode in shows as a teenager, and in college she continued her equestrian career as a horse trainer.

While she was an art student she “got in a really bad slump,” she says. “None of my paintings were good. I was trying this series of mountain goats, and they were awful.” Caspari approached a professor about her problem, and he agreed her paintings could use some work. “What are you passionate about?” he asked her. 
“You have got to paint what you are passionate about.”
Caspari decided she was passionate about horses and hasn’t painted anything else since. “I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a horse,” she says.

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