Virginia Owners' Bonus Program Enrollment

The Virginia owners’ bonus program will add a 25% bonus to the winning purse of any Virginia-bred, sired or certified horse that wins any race at a Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania track (Restricted Virgina-Bred, Sired or Certified races are excluded). The program also applies to Virginia-bred, sired or certified steeplechase horses that win non-Virginia-restricted races at National Steeplechase Association sanctioned meets in the Mid-Atlantic region. Bonuses are paid monthly. There is a $10,000 cap on any single award. Horses that win Virginia-bred, sired or certified restricted races are not eligible for owner’s bonuses.


Please complete the following form if you own a Virginia-Bred, Sired or Certified Thoroughbred so that we have your contact information on file. This will allow us to expedite your bonus payment should your horse win any race in the Mid-Atlantic region, other than those restricted to Virginia-bred, sired or certified horses.


As of January 1, 2018, in order to receive an Owners Bonus you must be a member of the VTA. If you are not already a VTA member, the $100 membership fee will be deducted from your award and you will be made a member of the Association.

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