Moryba gallops at Colonial Downs Friday morning.

The last two legs of the Triple Crown failed to produce a top winner for the handicappers that made selections in the “Press Box Invitational”.  Shackleford was a $27.20 winner in the 14-horse field of the Preakness and Ruler on Ice was a $51.50 winner in the 12-horse field of the Belmont Stakes.  Perhaps the pickers will find the 8-horse field of the Colonial Turf Cup a bit easier to solve.

Morning line favorite, Smart Bid (2-1), wasn’t the unanomous choice among the prognosticaters.  That title goes to Virginia Derby alumni, Court Vision (7-2), with six bids followed by Guys Reward (9-2) with five.  Brazilian-bred Moryba, shown here, was the first of the Turf Cup entrants to arrive on the grounds and got one nod.  Here are the picks.

Mike Barone Off to the Races Guys Reward Smart Bid Rahystrada 1/2 length
“Derby” Bill Off to the Races Court Vision Guys Reward Smart Bid neck
Simeon Hahn Nick’s Brother, Delaware Park Player Smart Bid Guys Reward Rahystrada 1 length
Nick Hahn Off to the Races Smart Bid Moryba Rahystrada head
Frank Petramalo Virginia HBPA Moryba Smart Bid Guys Reward 1/2 length
Mark Moses WKAV 1400 AM – Charlottesville Rahystrada Smart Bid Guys Reward 1 & 3/4 Lengths
Jerry Townsend “Talking Horses” Host – Bristol Court Vision Smart Bid Guy’s Reward Head
Bill Handley Handicapper Dark Cover Court Vision Smart Bid 2 Lengths
Matt Josephs WXGI AM 950 – Richmond Court Vision Smart Bid Guy’s Reward 3 lengths
Dennis Carter WSET 13Sports – Lynchburg Guys Reward Court Vision Smart Bid 1 & 1/2 Lengths
Jerry Ratcliffe Daily Progress-Charlottesville Smart Bid Moryba Dark Cove 1 & 1/2 Lengths
Norm Levine Off to the Races – Saratoga Court Vision Guys Reward Smart Bid 3/4 Length
Lane Casadonte WTVR-6 Sports Richmond Court Vision Smart Bid Guys Reward 3/4 Length
Mike Dempsey Turf N Sport Guys Reward Smart Bid Rahystrada 1 & 3/4 Lengths
Henry Daamguard “Handicapping Henry” Rahystrada Guys Reward Court Vision 1 length
tvnewsbadge James River News Blogger Guys Reward Smart Bid Court Vision neck
John Schneinman Kentucky Confidential Guys Reward Moryba Court Vision 1 & 1/2 Lengths
Greg Burton Hardly Workin’ on ESPN AM 950 Smart Bid Guys Reward Court Vision 3 lengths
“Big Al” Coleman Sportsphone on ESPN AM 950 Court Vision Rahystrada Smart Bid 1 length