2008 YEAR-END AWARDS: First off, the state of Virginia saw clear to deposit the $200,000 from the VHBPA to the Virginia Breeders Fund on Wednesday. So, they are now processing those awards. As my parents used to tell me (and I now tell my kids), “it won’t be as long as it has been!”

You may have forgotten how much you are owed, to see the list again click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

100% OWNERS BONUS: Looking to avoid past mistakes, we carefully calculated how much money would be available for the 100% owners bonus, and scientifically (and mathematically – and I’m only being a little factitious) came up with the amount of $500,000.

The question begs, is that enough 100% bonus money to last the meet? Again simple math tells us that a 40 day meet of five racing days lasts 8 weeks and that works out to $62,500 per week in bonus payouts.

Obviously, we looked at last year’s results and made some predictions concerning horse populations, the economy, the price of gas, etc. Simply put, it’s hard to analyze trends when your data base is one year old. Don’t know about you, but my crystal ball has never been worth a damn.

Having said that, since last year is all we have to compare, let’s compare.

First 5 days 2009: Eight Virginia-bred winners of open races who earned $50,744.

First 5 days 2008: Ten Virginia-bred winners of open races who earned $98.895.

Just so happens that the two more winners last year than this year were Southwest and Mount Weather who won bonuses of $15,390 each…That’s a $30,780 swing right there.

Stay tuned.