Just to make sure that everybody knows this, please note the following from the Breeders Fund regulations:

5. As of September 1, 1999, all Virginia-bred Thoroughbred horses must be registered with the commission or its designee prior to being entered in any race at race meeting designated by the commission for purse supplements or awards from the Virginia Breeders Fund.

Simply put the VTA is the VRC’s “designee” so all horses need to be entered in our Va-bred/Va-sired registry to be eligible for the 100% bonus or to run in restricted races “prior to being entered.”

We interpret this rule to mean before the entries are drawn. There seems to be a notion around that one can enter and then register the horse between when he’s entered and when he runs. While that would be convenient, that is not how the regulation is written.

We very well may review this after the meet to be sure we have it set up in a manner that is the most “user friendly” for everybody – owners, trainers, the racing office, the horsemen’s bookkeeper, the VRC staff, but for now the rule clearly states the registration has to occur “prior to being entered.”

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.