You might not find a more diverse pair of guests than the two David Letterman has for his show airing Friday night – Calvin Borel, the homespun jockey famous for winning this year’s Kentucky Derby with Mine That Bird, and Paris Hilton, the heiress famous for being famous.

His appearance on Letterman’s show is part of whirlwind week Borel is spending in New York, including a tour of Manhattan in the company of an ESPN crew on Monday for a feature story airing Saturday afternoon.

Letterman’s Friday show is taped on Mondays. When Borel and his fiance, Lisa Funk, pulled up to the Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday night for the taping, the paparazzi were out in full force, and flashbulbs began popping as soon as Funk got out of the limousine.
“Paris. Paris,” they yelled, before realizing it wasn’t pop culture icon.
“I guess they saw my blond hair getting out of the limo,” Funk said Tuesday.

But when Borel followed, Funk was pleasantly surprised that the paparazzi knew who it was and started yelling, “Calvin. Calvin.”

Borel said he enjoyed doing the show saying “I had a good time with Dave,”

Borel is spending the week in Manhattan. He will not ride at Belmont Park until Saturday.

“Friday he’s going to take the day off,” Funk said. “The closest he’ll get to a horse is he and I riding around Central Park in a carriage.”