Yes, it’s truly unique — the only sanctioned beach racing in Europe. Here, the field charges down the course in the third race at the Laytown beach racetrack on September 11, 2008 in Laytown, Ireland.

The Laytown racecourse is located at a small seaside resort on the east coast of Ireland, 29 miles north of Dublin. It is a most unusual course as it is a beach course run on the sand.

On the day of a race meeting, the beach is closed from early morning and work on the course then commences. Post time is scheduled for when the tide has gone out.

Steps have been built up into the face of the sand dunes to fomr a grandstand. Tents are put up on the day before the races and these are used to provide a jockey’s room, bars and snack bars.

Without doubt one of the most unusual racecourses in the country.

(Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)